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Wolfgang Michel / Yôichi Yoshida / Akihide Ôshima (ed.): Source Material and Personalities II. Nakatsu Municipal Museum for History and Folklore, Medical Archive Series No 8, Board of Education, Nakatsu City, March 2009, pp.152.  [in Japanese]

Source Material and Personalities (II)

Table of Contents   
Wolfgang MICHEL,
Yôichi YOSHIDA, Hideaki ÔSHIMA
Genealogical Table of the Yakata Family in Yabakei (Nakatsu)   1-10
Yoichi YOSHIDA On the Medical Prescriptions of Regional Physicians in the Late Edo Period   11-70
Hideaki ÔSHIMA Gensui Murakami's "Treatise on the Division of Heaven and Earth" (Tenchi Buntai-ron) and it's Background   71-95
Tomita HOSODA Gensui Murakami's "Collection of Surgical Prescriptions" (Gairyô Shûkenhô)   96-116
Wolfgang MICHEL On Murakami's "Collection of Surgical Prescriptions" (Gairyô Shûkenhô)   117-128
Tomita HOSODA Catalogue of the Murakami Medical Archive: Part 1 (Medicine)   129-147

INDEX   148-150


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