W. Michel: Public Lectures, Talks etc.

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  • Ludwig Aschoff and Sunao Tawara - Crossing Borders. Medical Museum, 17 Sept 2016
  • Gallery Talk: Eastern Medicine in Early Modern Europe.
    53rd Exhibition of Valuable Materials in the Kyushu University Library. Central Library. 19 May 2012. (YouTube)
  • Gallery Talk: Diseases and Therapies in old Medical Books.
    53rd Exhibition of Valuable Materials in the Kyushu University Library. Central Library. 16 May 2012. (YouTube)
  • Murakami Gensui and his Times . Nakatsu City, 14 April 2011.  [public lecture, in Japanese]
    [Poster (in Japanese)]
  • On the socalled rarities in premodern Dutch Japanes trade and their reception in Japan. In commemoration of 400 years of trade relations between Japan and the Netherland.
    Sakura City, Central Civic Hall, 19 Dec 2009.  [public lecture, in Japanese]
    [more (in Japanese)]
  • Poster Okayama University The Japanese language as seen by Engelbert Kaempfer (1651-1716). Okayama University, 27 Nov 2009. [public lecture, in Japanese]
    [more (in Japanese)]
  • Sketches of premodern Dutch-Japanese cultural intercourse. Nagasaki Museum of History and Culture, 1 Nov 2009. [public lecture, in Japanese]
    [more (in Japanese)]
  • Glimpses into the History of Euro-Japanese Interactions. Joint Seminar Kyushu University - Steinbeis University (Berlin), Fukuoka, 20 July 2009. [special lecture, in English]
  • Warum Engelbert Kaempfer in Japan Pflanzen untersuchen durfte. Engelbert Kaempfer Gesellschaft, Lemgo, 15 August 2008. [public lecture, in German]
    [Newspaper Anouncement]
  • On the Achievements and Position of Murakami Gensui. Mandragora Association, 7th Meeting, Nakatsu, 10 May 2008. [public lecture, in Japanese]
  • Research in Humanities and the Institutional Repository. Institutional Repository Workshop, Fukuoka, Kyushu-University, 21 Feb. 2008. [in Japanese]
  • From Kaempfer to Siebold - On the Development of European Studies on Japan. Siebold Museum, Nagasaki, 5 Feb. 2008. [public lecture, in Japanese]
  • Diseases and Medical Treatment as Seen in Old Eastern and Western Books.
    Lecture Related to the University Founding Day Exhibition. Kyushu University, 14. May 2007. [in Japanese]  [Related Exhibition]
  • Ôe Shuntô and the "Bastaardt Dictionary". Nakatsu, 13. May 2007. [in Japanese]
  • Nearness and Farness - German Observations on 17th Century Japan.
    Public Lecture, Japanese German Society West Japan, Fukuoka, 20 November 2005.   [in Japanese]
  • Special Event, Iida Museum of Arts: My Collection. 30 August 2005. Iida Museum of Arts.   [in Japanese]    [Newspaper Articles]
  • Symposium: Conveying the State of Art to the Next Generation. 17 July 2005, Iida-City Industrial Center.   [in Japanese]    [Related Newspaper Articles]
  • Siebold's Image of Japan -- Japan's Image of Siebold.
    Public Lecture, 12 Febr. 2005, Across Hall Fukuoka.   [in Japanese]    [Exhibition: Japan as Seen by Siebold ]
  • Exoticism and Science -- Euro-Japanese Cultural Contacts during the Edo-Period. Public Lecture, Municipal Art Museum Kitakyushu, Annex, 11 Jan. 2004.   [in Japanese]     [Exhibition: Edo Exposition - Dreams and Stories]
  • Deutscher Monat Fukuoka, Oct.1977. [Participation in Planning. Symposium Presentation etc. etc.]
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