caspar schamberger's life (1623-1706)

11.09.1623 Caspar Schamberger (C.S.) is born in Leipzig and baptized on the following day.
1629/30 Death of Caspar's father Balthasar
24.05.1631 Caspar Schamberger's mother Martha marries the merchant Gottfried Stahl.
16.03.1637 C.S. becomes an apprentice of master surgeon Christoph Bachert.
1640 C.S. finishes his education and travels through Northern Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands.
1643 C.S. takes an examination and joins the Dutch East India Compagnie (VOC) signing a 4 years contract.
24.10.1643 C.S. leaves Europe as "third master" on board of the flagship "Eiland Mauritius"
07.02.1644 The "Eiland Mauritius" is wrecked near the Cape of Good Hope. Schamberger and his fellows have to wait on an island for the next ships coming from the Netherlands.
31.07.1644 Arrival in Batavia.
Aug.1644 C.S. sails to Portuguese Goa on board of a VOC-warship.
Nov. 1644 To Ceylon.
1645 To Gamron und Kismis in Persia.
05.01.1646 Back in Batavia.
23.08.1646 C.S. is sationed in fort Zeelandia (Formosa).
08.08.1649 Propable arrival in Nagasaki (Japan).
05.11.1646 Official begin of Schamberger's service at the Dutch tradting post Deshima (Dejima) Deshima 1669
25.11.1649 C.S. travels to Edo (nowadays Tôkyô) as surgeon of special envoy Andries Frisius and trading post chief Anthonio van Brouckhorst.
31.12.1649 Arrival in Edo. Stay in the Nagasaki-House (Nagasakiya)
Spring 1649 Due to the serious illness of shôgun Tokugawa Iemitsu the audience for Frisius and Brouckhorst is postponed several times. C.S. draws the attention of government officials, especially the "Great Commissary" Inoue Masashige. Schamberger is orderd to look after high ranking patients.
16.04.1650 Envoy Frisius and his entourage return to Nagasaki. Four Europeans are requested to stay in Edo in order to give further instructions: Caspar Schamberger (surgery), Willem Bijlevelt (mathematics) and Juriaen Schedel (mortar shooting), Jan Smidt (assistant of Schedel). This turned out to be the longest stay of Westerners in Edo during the Tokugawa-era. Daily expenses in Edo
15.10.1650 C.S. and his companions leave Edo.
14.11.1650 Arrival at the Dutch trading post in Nagasaki.
24.11.1650 Annual voyage of the Dutch trading post chief to the shogun's court in Edo ("hoofreis"). Having rested for only a few day C.S. is ordererd to travel to Edo again.
05.01.1651 Arrival in Edo. Schamberger's "patron", Inoue Masashige, sends for him in order to receive instructions on Western medicaments and therapies etc.
02.04.1651 The trading post chief and his entourage leave Edo.
03.05.1651 Arrival in Nagasaki.
01.11.1651 Schamberger's service in Japan ends.
By order of Nagasaki governor Baba Schamberger's interpreter Inomata Dembê writes a report on "master Caspar's" surgical art. This text leads to the birth of the socalled "Caspar-style-surgery" (Caspar-ryû geka), the first Western-style "school" inspired by surgeons stationed at Deshima. The original report is copied and widely distributed throughout the country, but during the following decades it is mixed up with teachings of Schamberger's successors at Deshim.
12.12.1651 Arrival in Batavia Batavia
1651-1655 C.S. probably working as a surgeon on VOC ships in South East Asia
Jan. 1655 Back to Europa with the socalled "retour-fleet"
Sept.1655 Arrival in the Netherlands. Some weeks later C.S. returns to Leipzig. Leipzig
08.11.1658 C.S. acquires citizenship of Leipzig and starts a new carrier as merchant.
25.01.1659 Marriage to Elisabeth Rost (22.6./7.1633-19.3.1661).
29.09.1662 Marriage to Regina Maria Conrad (28.1.1645-10.11.1684).
21.04.1667 Birth of Johann Christian Schamberger. This son later becomes a Professor of Medicine of Leipzig university and is elected twice for president. One of his greatest achievements is the foundation of the "New Anatomical Theatre".
18.08.1685 Caspar Schamberger marries Euphrosine Kleinau (15.11.1645-18.5.1688).
08.04.1706 Schamberger dies. His famous son Johann Christian dies shortly after.



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