chronology: engelbert kaempfer's life and writings

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10.7.1610Johannes Kemper is born in Wiedenbrück.
1644Following studies in Rostock and Rinteln Johannes Kemper becomes "pastor primarius" of Nikolaikirche (St. Nicholas' Church) in Lemgo.
ca.1644Johannes Kemper marries Christine Drepper (died ca. 1654).
30.4.1646Their eldest son Joachim is born (died 13.7.1706 in Lemgo).
16.9.1651Engelbert Kemper, the second son of Johannes Kemper, is born in Lemgo.
ca.1654After the death of his wife Johannes Kemper marries Adelheid Pöppelmann (1637-1716).
ca. 1655 Birth of Engelbert's brother Johann (died 27.1.1703 in Goldkronach),
15.7.1658Birth of Engelbert's brother [Johann] Andreas (died 25.8.1743 in Billertshausen).
16__ Birth of Engelbert's brother Johann He[i]nrich (died 2.4.1717 in Stavanger)
16__ Birth of Engelbert's brother Johann Daniel (buried ca. 29.12.1709 in Lemgo) .
from 1665Engelbert Kaempfer attends the "Lateinschule" (grammar school) in Lemgo.
from 1667Engelbert Kaempfer attends the "Lateinschule" (grammar school) in Hameln; journey to the Netherlands around this time.
from 1668Engelbert Kaempfer attends the "Gymnasium" (high school) in Lüneburg.
20.12.1669Birth of his sister Maria Magdalena (died 1711)
from 1670Engelbert Kaempfer attends the well known "Athenaeum" (high school) in Lübeck
from 1672Engelbert Kaempfer attends the "Gymnasium" (high school) in Danzig.
1.6.1673Baptism of his sister Anna Catharina (died 1749).
1673Printing of Kaempfer's first dissertation Exercitatio Politica de Majestatis Divisione in 1673 Realem et Personalem in Danzig.
8.6.1673-4.6-1674Engelbert Kaempfer's residence unrecorded, possibly in Thorn.
1674-May 1676Studies at the University of Cracow (languages, history, medicine)
29.5-23.6.1676Journey from Cracow via Warsaw, Thorn and Danzig to Elbing.
24.6.1676-12.3.1677Residence unrecorded, possibly already in Königsberg.
11.2.1677Another sister of Engelbert Kaempfer is baptised on this day, but dies as early as 11.3 the same year.
13.3.1677Registration at the University of Königsberg: natural sciences, medicine.
August-October 1680Engelbert Kaempfer visits his father in Lemgo (September). Return to Königsberg via Verden, Bremen and Hamburg with his brother Andreas, who travels to Sweden.
August 1681Journey to Sweden. Engelbert Kaempfer studies at Uppsala university and attends the court of Charles XI in Stockholm. He is appointed secretary of the legation to the Persian court in Isfahn.
31.8.1682Engelbert Kaempfer's father dies in Lieme.
1682Engelbert Kaempfer's brother Johann (geb.1610) dies.
20.3.1683The legation, led by Ludwig Fabritius, sets out via Abo (April 4), Helsingfors (April 13), Narva (April 28), Novgorod (June 15-19) and Tver (July 2).
7.7-5.9.1683Stay in Moscow. Audience with Tsars Ivan and Peter.
5.9-1.11.1683Journey from Moscow via Saratov (Oct. 14) to Astrakhan (Nov. 1).
12.-22.11.1683The legation crosses the Caspian Sea, landing at Nisabad.
23.11.1683-29.3.1684After a rest at Nisabad the legation travels via Resht, Rudbar, Saveh, Qum and Kashan to Isfahan.
29.3.1684-20.11.1685Sojourn in Isfahan. Negotiations of the Swedes with Shah Suleyman are not very successful.
June 1684Excursion the the baths of Shah Abbas.
15.12.1684Engelbert Kaempfer succeeds in entering the service of the Dutch East India Company (Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie, VOC)
21.11.1685Engelbert Kaempfer leaves Isfahan for Bandar Abbas.
3.12.1685Engelbert Kaempfer visits the ruins at Naqsh-i Rustam and Persepolis.
4.-8.12.1685Stay in Shiraz and its surroundings.
29.12.1685-30.6.1688Engelbert Kaempfer works as a physician at the Dutch factory in Bandar Abbas (Persian Gulf).
June 1686-August 1687Recreation leave at Bugun in the mountains north of Bandar Abbas.
1687Botanical Research. Engelbert Kaempfer observes the date harvest near Bandar Abbas. Writes the manuscript 'Palma arbor', the basis of the subsequent monograph on the date palm in the "Amoenitates exoticae".
May 1687Engelbert Kaempfer observes the asa harvest at Disgun.
30.6.1688Engelbert Kaempfer leaves for India via Muscat on the Horn of Arabia (July 14-17).
8.8.1688-autumn 1689Voyages between the Malabar and Coromandel Coasts round Ceylon.
8.8.-1.9.1688Tutikorin (8.8.-1.9.1688).
Sept.-Okt.1688Voyages along the Coromandel Coast and to Ceylon.
Nov. 1688-Mai1689Cochin and Quilon.
Okt.1689Voyage to Batavia.
Oct.1689-6.5.1690Sojourn in Batavia (Java). Failure to obtain employment in the local VOC-hospital. Kaempfer decides to accept the
7.5-6.6.1690Kaempfer leaves Batavia for Japan. Voyage to Siam.
6.6 - 11.7.1690Visit of the Dutch factory. He ascends the Menam to Ayutthaya, visiting Bangkok on the way back.
1l.7-24.9.l690Engelbert Kaempfer continues his voyage to Japan.
24.9.1690-31.10.1692Sojourn at the Dutch factory Deshima (Dejima) in Nagasaki.
September 1692The young Imamura Gen'emon is appointed as Engelbert Kaempfer's servant.
13.2.1691First journey to the imperial court in Edo (Tky) together with the head of the Dutch factory Deshima.
13.3.1691Arrival in Edo. Stay at the "Nagasaki-Inn" (Nagasakiya).
29.3.1691Audience with Shôgun Tokugawa Tsunayoshi
5.4.1691The mission leaves for Nagasaki
7.5.1691Arrival in Nagasaki
2.3.1692Second journey to Edo.
31.3.1692Arrival in Edo.
21.4.1692Second Audience.
27.4.1692The mission leaves for Nagasaki
21.5.1692Arrival in Nagasaki
31.10.1692Kaempfer leaves Japan. Voyage to Batavia.
After 9.2.1693Engelbert Kaempfer leaves Java with the homeward-bound Company fleet as an office clerk on board oth the "Waelstrom".
14.5.1693Arrival at the Cape of Good Hope.
6.10.1693Engelbert Kaempfer arrives in Amsterdam and stays with the Parvéfamily.
21.11.1693Registration in the Medical Faculty of the Imperial University in Leiden.
24.11.1693Private oral examination in the Faculty of Medicine.
Beginning of 1694Printing of Engelbert Kaempfer's dissertation Disputatio Medica Inauguralis Exhibens Decadem Observationum Exoticarum by Abraham Elsevier in Leiden.
22.4.1694Public examination ("Rigorosum").
April-July 1694Engelbert Kaempfer continues his stay in the Netherlands. He visits his friends Mesdach (Leiden) and Hovius in Rotterdam at the beginning of August.
August 1694Engelbert Kaempfer visits his friends Mesdach (Leiden) and Hovius in Rotterdam at the beginning of August.
1694Engelbert Kaempfer returns to Lemgo and establishes himself as a physician.
5.10.1694Engelbert Kaempfer buys the "Steinhof" in Lieme near Lemgo from his stepmother and brothers and sisters.
December 1698Engelbert Kaempfer is appointed physician in ordinary to Friedrich Adolf, Count of Lippe.
18.12.1700Engelbert Kaempfer marries Maria Sophia Wilstach from Stolzenau an der Weser (1684-1761).
21.4.1702Birth of their daughter Amalia Florentine at Stolzenau (buried 22.2.1705 in Lemgo).
3.7.1707Baptism of a second daughter, Amalia (buried 23.12.1714 in Lemgo).
14.6.1710Birth of a son, Friedrich Adolf, at Stolzenau an der Weser (buried 6.1.1715 in Lemgo).
1712"Amoenitatum exoticarum politico-physico-medicarum fasciculi V" published by the Meyersche Buchhandlung in Lemgo.
1716Engelbert Kaempfer's "Phoenix persicus, seu Historia palmae dactyliferae" is published in Michael Bernhard Valentini's "Museum Museorum" in Frankfurt am Main.
2.11.1716Engelbert Kaempfer dies at 9 o'clock in the evening.
1723-1725Sir Hans Sloane purchases Engelbert Kaempfer's literary remains from his nephew Dr. Johann Hermann Kaempfer and Philip Zollman.
1727Scheuchzer's translation of the work on Japan, The "History of Japan", is published in London in two volumes.
1729The French translation of the work on Japan, "Histoire naturelle, civil et ecclésiastique de l'empire du Japon" published in The Hague; a Dutch translation follows in the same year ("De Beschryving van Japan", Amsterdam).
1756The first extract in German from Engelbert Kaempfer's work on Japan appears in part four of Du Halde's "Ausführliche Beschreibung des Chinesischen Reichs und der grossen Tartarey" (Rostock).
25.10.1773Sale by auction of Engelbert Kaempfer's library in Lemgo; the purchasers include Herder.
1773First translation of Engelbert Kaempfer's work on Japan into Russian.
1777-1779Publication by Christian Wilhelm Dohm in Lemgo of the first complete, though revised, edition in German of the work on Japan under the title "Geschichte und Beschreibung von Japan".
1782Matsuura Seizan purchases a Dutch Edition of Engelbert Kaempfer's work on Japan in Nagasaki
1791Sir Joseph Banks publishes "Icones selectae plantarum quas in Japonia collegit et delineavit Engelbertus Kaempfer", a small selection of the botanical drawings made by Engelbert Kaempfer in Japan.
1801Japanese translation of Engelbert Kaempfer's essay on the self-isolation of the Japanese empire.
1808First selective translation of the work on Japan into Japanese by Takahashi Kageyasu
1844-1847The presumably first complete translation of the work on Japan into Japanese. Title unknown. The manuscript was lost during the Meiji Restoration.
1867Erection of the Kaempfer Memorial in Lemgo.
1880Complete translation of the work on Japan into Japanese in 16 volumes (unpublished).
1929Karl Meier-Lemgo travels to London and visits the British Museum to study the Kaempfer papers.
1937Karl Meier-Lemgo's biography of Kaempfer is published in Stuttgart under the title "Engelbert Kaempfer, der erste deutsche Forschungsreisende".
1937-1939Annual 'Kaempfer Festivals' in Lemgo.
1960Second edition of Meier-Lemgo's biography of Kaempfer is published in Hamburg under the title "Engelbert Kämpfer (1651-1716) erforscht das seltsame Asien".
1969Karl Meier-Lemgo dies.
1971The Engelbert-Kämpfer-Gesellschaft e.V. is founded in Lemgo.
1990International Kaempfer symposia in Lemgo and Tokyo in commemoration of Kaempfer's arrival in Japan 1690.

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