Jean Baptiste Tavernier (1605-1689)

Jean Baptiste Tavernier : Hern Johann Baptisten Taveniers...Vierzig Jährige Reize ... Nürnberg 1681. Folio. 5 Teile in einem Band. 18 Holzschnitte, 1 Doppelseite mit Japankarte.

The German edition includes Traveniers's map of Japan in a reduced form (210 x 315mm) and contains legends about the nature of the country, as well as the route from Jedo to Nagasaki.

Tavernier spent eleven months in Constantinople, then joined a caravan for Persia in 1638 and made six voyages to Persia, India, the East Indies and Japan.
Reference: Cordier, BJ 392 & BI. 2420; Laures 529; Griep-Luber 1378; Alt Japan Cat. 1459, 1469; Walter Map. No. 35


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