Jean Baptiste Bourgignon d'Anville (1697-1782)


  • Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d' Anville: Carte Generale de la Tartarie Chinoise. Le Hague 1737. Ca. 51 x 78 cm. (private collection)
  • Based on maps prepared by Jesuit missionaries and commissioned by emperor Kangxi, who in 1708-16 had ordered a cartographical survey of China. Included in P. du Halde's Description de la Chine.


    anville 1749
  • Tobias Mayer: Carte Generale de la Tartarie Chinoise / et des Royaumes de Corée et de Japan. Nürnberg, 1749. 50 x 39.5 cm. (private collection)
  • This map in 2 parts of Mongolia, Korea and Japan, published by the heirs of Homann, is based on the d' Anville map of 1732.

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