Pieter Goos (ca.1616-75)

Goos's father, Abraham Goos (1590-1643), is known for globes, land and sea maps. In the beginning Pieter was mainly working for Petrus Kaerius, C.J. Visscher, John Speed, Henricus Hondius and Johannes Janssonius. His first own work, De Lichtende Columne ofte Zee-Spiegel, was published in 1650. verscheen in 1650.

  • Pieter Goos: Noordoost Cust van Asia van Japan tot Nova Zembla. Amsterdam 1666. (private collection)
  • This is an early depiction of Hokkaido and the Islands to the North of Japan. It is based mainly on the findings of the expedition under de Vries in 1643 during which the socalled "Compagnies Land" was claimed.

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