Georg Matthaeus Seutter (1678-1757)

Seutter, an 18th-century cartographer, was born in Augsburg (Germany) in 1678. In 1697 he became an apprentice to the cartographer Johann Baptiste Homann. By 1707 he returned to Augsburg where he established his own business and produced maps (about 500), atlasses (since 1728/30) and globes. Seutter's maps are quite similar to Homann's, and were famous for their details, color, and decorative cartouches. After dedicating his large atlas to Karl VI, Seutter was awarded the title of "Kaiserlicher Geograph".

One of his daughters, Euphrosine, married the cartographer Tobias Conrad Lotter from Augsburg who, after the death of Seutter's son, Albrecht Carl, became the successor to Seutter and a famous mapmaker on his own.

  • Matthaeus Seutter: Regni Japoniae Nova Mappa Geographica. Augsburg 1740. Ca. 49 x 57 cm. (private collection)
  • Based on Engelbert Kaempfer's map, engraved by Tobias Conrad Lotter.

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