Jean Baptiste Tavernier (1605-1689)

  • Jean Baptiste Tavernier: Hern Johann Baptisten Taveniers [...] Vierzig Jährige Reize [...] Nürnberg 1681. Folio. 5 Teile in einem Band. 18 Holzschnitte, 1 Doppelseite mit Japankarte (210 x 315mm).  (private collection)
  • Tavernier spent eleven months in Constantinople, then joined a caravan for Persia in 1638 and made six voyages to Persia, India, the East Indies and Japan.

  • Jean Baptiste Tavernier:: Carte des Isles du Japon Esquelles est remarque la Route. Paris Amsterdam, 1679 (ca. 510 x 760 mm).  (private collection)

  • This map shows many unusual comments about Japan. Okasaki is said to have the most beautiful women. In Lake Biwa one can catch lots of salmon. Worthless youths are sent to an island off Kyushu, where they have to work etc.

    Kyushu Kyushu Kyushu Sado
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