G. Ferñao Mendez Pinto

Mendes Pinto was born at Montemor-o-Velho in southern Portugal and travelled in about 1537 to India. From China he seems to have sailed to Japan in about 1542.

G. Ferñao Mendez Pinto.: Les voyages adventureux. Traduit du portugais par B. Figuier [...] Paris 1645. 2nd. French edition. (private collection)

G. F. Mendez Pinto: Wunderliche und Merckwürdige Reisen. Amsterdam 1671. (private collection)
This is the first German edition, printed by H. and D. Boom.

  • G. SCHURHAMMER: G. Ferñao Mendez Pinto und sein Peregrinaçam. Leipzig 1927. 107 p. (Sonderdruck aus "Asia Major", III).

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