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2022: 59th Exhibition of valuable historical material: "Medicine and Medical Treatment in 17th Century Euro-Japanese Interchange". Exhibition Room, Kyushu University Medical Library (Hospital Campus), October 6, 2022 | March 31, 2023@Weekdays 9:00-17:00 only
 (concept, supervision)

2014: Special Exhibition: Medicine as a benevolent art. The National Museum of Nature and Science (Tokyo, Ueno Park), 15 March - 15 June 2014.
 (contents cooperation)

2013: Habent sua fata libelli -- Das Kojiki im deutsch-japanischen Kulturaustausch.
Nara Prefectural Library and Information Center, 1-27 Febr 2013. (Nara Prefectural Library and Information Center: Event Information)
 (contents, public lecture)

2009: Japan - The Netherlands 400: Years of Trade Relations
(cooperation, public lecture)

2008: The Western Gaze at Japan - From Philipp Franz von Siebold's Library (concept, captions)

2007: Diseases and Treatment Methods as Seen in Old Eastern and Western Medical Books. ( (concept & execution)

2007: Tradition and Innovation - Medical Instruments in Osaka During Meiji Period.  (concept & execution)

2006: Aus dem Land der blauen Hortensie - Japanische Pflanzen in Europa. Sonderausstellung im Botanischen Museum Berlin-Dahlem vom 16. November 2006 bis 27. August 2007. Siebold-Palais / Siebold-Museum (Würzburg) 23. August 2007 bis 09. März 2008  (cooperation)

2006: Chikushinoshi History Museum Exhibition: Reading - Writing - Calculating (cooperation)

2006: Brain - Exploring Wonderous Mysteries.  Special Corner: "Nagasaki - Portal to Western Medicine" (cooperation)

2005: Shinshu Exposition (cooperation)

2005: Japan as Seen by Siebold (cooperation, public lecture)

2003: The Ways of Dutch Studies (cooperation)

2003: Great Edo Exposition (cooperation)

2003: The Four Portals of Edo Period Japan and Busan (cooperation)

2003: Medical History in Kyushu (cooperation)

2003: Valuable Old Books from the Medical Library Collection (KU-MLC)

2002: Inner Landscapes  (concept & execution)

2001: Inner Landscapes in Old Books from the Kyushu University Medical Library Collection  (concept & execution)

1999: Parasitology and Medical Culture  (concept & execution of the history section)

1998: Bodies in Old Eastern and Western Medical Books (concept & execution)

1997: Physicians and the Modernization of Medicine in Fukuoka  (concept & execution of several sections)


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