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Wolfgang Michel / Yôichi Yoshida / Akihide Ôshima (ed.): Source Materials and Personalities III. Nakatsu Municipal Museum for History and Folklore, Medical Archive Series No 10, Nakatsu City, March 2011. (114pp. )  [in Japanese, with English abstracts]

A pdf-file of this publication is available at Kyushu University Institutional Repository (QIR).

Material and Personalities (III)

Table of Contents   
Wolfgang MICHEL On the "Dutch-style Medical License" of Hirata Chôdayû and its Background   1-38
Akihide ÔSHIMA On the Draft "Treatise on the Division of Heaven and Earth" by the Physician Murakami Gensui (1781-1843)   39-51
Yôichi YOSHIDA A Bunsei-period Manuscript from the Ôe Medical Archive   52-87
Tomita HOSODA A Manuscript Copy of Ikeda-style "Tongues and Lips Illustrations"   88-105

English Abstracts   107-110

INDEX   111-113


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