Wolfgang Michel (Michel-Zaitsu): Research summary

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  basic projects

  • On the introduction of Western Medicine and related disciplines in 17th and 18thcentury Japan
    Southern Barbarian style surgery (Nanban-ryû geka); the birth of Redhead style surgery (Kômô-ryû geka); Japanese imports of Materia medica; the promotion of Western science by Inoue Masashige, Inaba Masanori and others; Europeans in Japan: Caspar Schamberger, Hans Hancke, Zacharias Wagner, Godefried Haeck, Franz Braun, Andreas Cleyer, Georg Meister, Engelbert Kaempfer, Conrad Raetzel, Willem ten Rhijne; Kawaguchi Ryôan, Nishi Genpo, Ôtaguro Gentan, Motoki Shôdayu Ryôi, Imamura Gen'emon Eisei, Yoshio Genkitsu and other Japanese physicians, the introduction of Western distillation techniques, the rise of Japanese botanical studies etc.
  • Dutch Learning (Rangaku) in the feudal domain of Nakatsu (18th and 19th century)
    A project focussing on the collections of the Murakami-Family, the Oe-Family, the Yakata-Family (Nakatsu, Oita prefecture). [Supported by the City of Nakatsu]
  • Early Japanese glossaries of Western scientific terms.
    This research focusses on 17th century manuscripts related to medicine and pharmaceutics.
  • Analysis and publication of the Japan-related manuscript materials of Engelbert Kaempfer (1651-1716).
    Research linked to the edition of Kaempfers works under the auspice of the Engelbert Kaempfer Society, the City of Lemgo and the Land Nordrhein-Westfalen. Chief Editors: Detlef Haberland (Bonn), Wolfgang Michel (Fukoka), Elisabeth Goessmann (Tokyo/Muenchen)
    [Illustrated pdf-information about volumes 1 - 6 ]   [reviews]
  • Medical instruments and instrument makers during the Edo and Meiji period
  • Kinoshita Iwao and His Role in German-Japanese Cultural Exchange.
  • Takeya Genryu, Takeya Yushi and Western Studies in the Fukuoka Domain.
  • Medico-pharmaceutical imports during the Edo and Meiji period
    Research as part of the priority area project A (Ministry of Education and Science): "Systematical Inventory and Research of Historical Materials Relating to Science and Technology in Premodern Japan" (Edo no monozukuri, 2001-2005/06). After 2006 continued research into collected materials.
  • Medical instruments and instrument makers during the Edo and Meiji period

 research conducted in the research and development department, medical library

  • Bibliographical analysis of the pre-20th century collections (Homepage of the collections)
    (Database Website)
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  • Participation in Kyushu University Library Exhibitions.

  editorial activities

  • Engelbert Kaempfer: Werke.
    Kritische Ausgabe in Einzelbaenden. Herausgegeben von Detlef Haberland, Wolfgang Michel, Elisabeth Goessmann. Iudicium-verlag, Muenchen, 2001ff. Vol 1/1: Engelbert Kaempfer: Heutiges Japan.
    Herausgegeben von Wolfgang Michel und Barend J. Terwiel. 2001. [xiv / 777pp.]
    Vol 1/2: Engelbert Kaempfer: Heutiges Japan.
    Herausgegeben von Wolfgang Michel und Barend J. Terwiel. 2001. [828pp.]
    Vol 2: Engelbert Kaempfer: Briefe 1683-1714.
    Herausgegeben von Detlef Haberland. 2001. [649pp.]
    Vol 3: Zeichnungen japanischer Pflanzen.
    Herausgegeben von Brigitte Hoppe, bearbeitet von Petra-Andrea Hinz, Ursula Holler, Brigitte Hoppe, Wolfgang Michel. 2003 [xxxvi/1005pp.]
    Vol 4: Engelbert Kaempfer in Siam.
    Edited by / Herausgegeben von Barend Jan Terwiel. 2003 [xiv/289pp.]
    Vol 5: Notitiae Malabaricae.
    Herausgegeben von Albertine Gaur. 2003. [x/119pp.]
    Vol 6: Russisches Tagebuch.
    Herausgegeben von Michael Schippan. Muenchen,2003 [ca. 300 pp.]

  • Bulletin of the Murakami Archive
    2002-2005: Murakami ika shiryôkan shiryô sôsho)
    2007-       : Ika shiryôkan shiryô sôsho (Comprising the Murakami Archive, Oe Archive and the Yakata Archive)

  exhibitions (organisation / participation)



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