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(076) On the Modernization of Medical Education in Nakatsu. Toshiyuki Aoki (ed.): On Medical Education in South-Western Fiefdoms. Research Report (Grant-in-Aid number 24520760), Saga, March 2015, pp. 58-81. [in Japanese]
 ||  *Academia.edu  || 

(075) Japanese Society for the History of Medicine, Fukuoka Chapter (ed): History of Medicine in Kyushu. Fukuoka, March 2014 (2 folio sheets)
 ||  *Kyushu University Institutional Repository  || 

(074) Wolfgang Michel: Bordercrossing and Eclecticism in Early Modern Japanese Medicine. The National Museum of Nature and Science (ed.): Medicine as a Benevolent Art. Tokyo, 15 March 2014, pp. 138-144. (Catalogue, 155 pp)
 ||  *Kyushu University Institutional Repository  || 

(073) Wolfgang Michel: Frontier Crossing and Curiosity -- Physicians during the Edo-period. In: Gekkan Minpaku, November 2012, p. 1 (in Japanese).
 ||  *National Museum of Ethnology  || 

(072) Maruyama, Masami / Michel, Wolfgang / Yoshida, Shinichi / Komune, Shizuo: Kyushu Teikokudaigaku igakubu hyôhon shiryôshû (1997 chôsa) . Kyushu University, Faculty of Medicine, May 2013.
 ||  *Kyushu University Institutional Repository  || 

(071) Maruyama, Masami / Michel, Wolfgang / Yoshida, Shin'ichi / Komune, Shizuo /Aibe, Kumiko: Kyûshû Teikokudaigaku saikingaku kyôshitsu kyôju Ogawa Seishû kichô korekushon risuto. Kyushu University, Faculty of Medicine, May 2013.
 ||  *Kyushu University Institutional Repository  || 

(070) Source material related to early "Redhead-style surgery" in the Medical Library. In: Kyushu University Library, Research and Development Division Annual Report, 2005/2006, pp. 30-33.
 ||  *Kyushu University Institutional Repository  || 

(069) Engelbert Kaempfer: Amoenitatum Exoticarum Politico-Physico-Medicarum Fasciculi V. Lemgo 1712. Edition, übersetzung und Kommentar. Herausgegeben von Detlef Haberland und Karl August Neuhausen. Editiones Electronicae Guelferbytanae 5. Bonn/Wolfenbüttel, 2010ff. Fasciculus V - hrsg. von Brigitte Hoppe, Wolfgang Michel, Karl August Neuhausen, Astrid Steiner-Weber.

(068) Border Crossing and Intellectual Curiosity - On the Modernization of Japanese Medicine during the Edo Period. Conference Paper. International Conference: 150th Anniversary of the Beginning of Modern Western-style Medical Education in Japan. Nagasaki University, 9 Nov. 2007.
 ||  *pdf (Kyushu University Institutional Repository)   || 

(067) W. Michel: Far Eastern Medicine as Seen by Early Modern Europe. In: Acupuncture and Moxibustion Road - Tracing the History of Traditional Medical Treatment in Japan. Morinomiya College of Medical Arts and Sciences Publisher, Osaka, 2012, p. 86-93.

(066) W. Michel: Nearness and Farness - Aspects of Kyushu in Early Modern Times. La Estacion, no. 32, Oita, July 2011.   [in Japanese]

(065)  Kyushu University Treasures of a Century. Maruzen, March 2011 (227pp.)   [in Japanese]
Contribution by W. Michel: The Collection of Valuable Old Books, pp. 56-57. Material of the Institute for Balneology on European Spa's, pp. 58-59.   [in Japanese]

(064)  W. Michel: The Kubo-Memorial-Building - Japan's First Museum for the History of Medicine. In: 100th Anniversary Memorial Book, Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Kyushu University. Fukuoka, May 2009, pp. 143-149.   [in Japanese]
 ||  *Kyushu University Institutional Repository  || 

(063)  W. Michel: On Gensui Murakami's “Collection of Surgical Prescriptions” (Gairyô Shûkenhô) . In: Wolfgang MICHEL, Yôichi YOSHIDA, Hideaki ÔSHIMA (ed.), Source Materials and Personalities II. Nakatsu Municipal Museum for History and Folklore - Medical Archive Series, no. 8, City of Nakatsu Board of Education, 2009, pp. 117-127.   [in Japanese]
 ||  *Kyushu University Institutional Repository  || 

(062)  [REVIEW of] Peter Kapitza: "Japan in Europa. Texte und Bilddokumente zur europäischen Japankenntnis von Marco Polo bis Wilhelm von Humboldt". In: OAG-NOTIZEN, Tokyo, November 2008.
 ||   || 

(061)  W. Michel: 17th Century Japan Seen through European Eyes. In: Aoki Toshiyuki (ed). Foreign Intercourse and Western Studies in Ogi. Saga University, Center for Regional Culture and History Studies, Oct 2007, pp. 41-46.   [in Japanese]
 ||  *Kyushu University Institutional Repository  || 

(060)  Caspar Schmalkalden. In: Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften (ed): Neue deutsche Biographie, 23. Band, Duncker & Humblot, Berlin 2007, pp. 119-120. [in German) 
 ||  Neue Deutsche Biographie  || 

(059)  Special Exhibition: Disease and Treatment as Seen in Old Eastern and Western Medical Books. Kyushu University Library, Fukuoka, 10 May 2007, pp. 1-28. [in Japanese]
 ||  *Kyushu University Institutional Repository  || 

(058)  O. Wada, H. Minami, M. Omine (ed): Igaku-Shoin Nursing Dictionary. Igakushoin, Tokyo 2002 (1.ed), revised edition 2007. Articles by W. Michel on:

  • "Jihi'in (mercy homes)"
  • "Engelbert Kaempfer"
  • "Caspar Schamberger"
  • "Willem Ten Rhijne"
[in Japanese]

(057)  W. Michel : On the Kubo-Memorial-Building and its Collections. Shisankai-shi. No 84, Fukuoka, Nov. 2006, pp. 26-44. [in Japanese]

(056)  W. Michel / A. Oshima: Selected Items from the Collection of Valuable Medical Books. Kyushu University LibraryResearch and Development Division, Annual Report 2005/2006 (2006-06-01), pp. 30-35. [in Japanese]
 ||  *Kyushu University Institutional Repository  || 

(055)  (Book review) Wolfgang Michel (Review of): Japan Extolled and Decried / Private Memoirs of the Shoguns (ed. Timon Screech), Itinerario - International Journal on the History of European Expansion and Global Interaction, Vol. 30, No. 2, 2006, pp. 160-162.

(054)  Special Exhibition Catalogue, Nagano City Museum, Nagano, January 2006. [in Japanese]

(053)  Edo no monozukuri Executive Office, Shinshü Project Commitee: Shinshü-Project Reports. Nagano, Oct. 2005.

  • (p.46) J. Endô T. Nakamura, W. Michel: On the One-Character-Names on Edo Era Medicinal Bags.
  • (p.47) Nakamura, J. Endô W. Michel: On the Medicinal Chests from the Edo and Early Meiji Period kept in Kisomura.
  • (p.50-52) W. Michel: Conclusive Remarks and Future Tasks. [in Japanese]

(052)  Wolfgang Michel: The Ichioka Specimen Collection Seen from European Curiosity Chambers. Iida City Museum (ed): Curiosity in the Edo-period, Iida-City, Sept 2004, pp. 82-85. [in Japanese]
 ||  *Kyushu University Institutional Repository  || 

(051)  Wolfgang Michel: On the Dissection Done by Murakami Gensui, Physician to the Clan of Nakatsu. (MURAKAMI ARCHIVE SERIES 5, Nakatsu, March 2006, pp. 85-87.   [in Japanese]
    || *Kyushu University Institutional Repository  || 

(050)  Wolfgang Michel: The Hidden Face of Kaempfer. ASAHI SHINBUN, Vol. 35, no. 1, Jan 2003.   [in Japanese]

(049)  On the Pictorial Database of Illustrations in Old Medical Books. THE KYUSHU UNIVERSITY LIBRARY BULLETIN, Vol. 39, no. 1, Jan 2003.  [in Japanese]
    || *Kyushu University Institutional Repository  || 

(048)  Wolfgang Michel: A Personal View of Japan. SHOKUN , Special Edition, 15. April 2004.   [in Japanese]
 ||  *Kyushu University Institutional Repository  || 

(047)  Tokugawa Yoshimune's Requests. [Comments by W. M. on his Research] ChÛNICHI SHINBUN, 22. Febr. 2001.   [in Japanese]

(046)  Kanokogi Toshinori: Collection of Fallen Leaves. Review. JOURNAL OF THE JAPAN SOCIETY OF MEDICAL HISTORY, Vol. 47, No. 4, 2000, pp. 684-685.   [in Japanese]     || *Kyushu University Institutional Repository  || 

(045)  Herr Enatsu. JAHRESBERICHT, No. 24, Nishinihon Nichidoku Kyôkai, Fukuoka, May 2000. [Orbituary]

(044)  Umbruch an den Universitäten. JAPANINFO, 21. Jahrgang, Ulm, 3. Mai 2000, pp. 7-8.

(043)  WALKS IN CYBERSPACE (5) -- Supply and Demand of Informations. BRUNNEN, No. 400, Ikubundô, Tôkyô, Dec.1999, pp. 9-10.  [in Japanese]

(042)  Stern oder Sternschnuppe. JAPANINFO, Ulm 1.2.1999.

(041)  On Multi-Media Teaching Facilities and Education. Genbun Forum, No. 19, 1999.2, pp. 18-20.   [in Japanese]

(040)  WALKS IN CYBERSPACE (4) -- CHAT. BRUNNEN, No. 395, Ikubundô, Tôkyô, Jan.1999, p. 9-10.  [in Japanese]

(039)  Acupuncture in 16th and 17th Century Europe. Kyûshû Daigaku-hô, No. 3, Nov.1998.  [in Japanese]

(038)  Katagiri Kazuo vs. Wolfgang Michel. YOMU KASUTERA, 1998. [in Japanese]

(037)  150 medical books, 16-18th century [Newspaper Article on an Exhibition Organised by W.M.] Yomiuri-Shinbun, 11. May 1998, Evening edition.   [in Japanese]

(036)  150 medical books, 16-18th century, discovered by a German Professor. Newspaperarticle, Nishinihon-Shinbun, 11. April 1998, Evening Edition, p. 1.   [in Japanese]

(035)  Spesenkoenige. JAPANINFO, Ulm, 1. April 1998.

(034)  Research on Caspar Schamberger Scientific Research in Kyûshû University, No. 15, 25. March1998  [in Japanese]

(033)  WALKS IN CYBERSPACE (3) -- Language Monsters. BRUNNEN, No. 389, Ikubundô, Tôkyô 1998.   [in Japanese]

(032)  WALKS IN CYBERSPACE (2) -- College R@dio. BRUNNEN,No. 386., Ikubundô, Tôkyô 1997.   [in Japanese]

(031)  Medical History in the Internet. In: JOURNAL OF THE JAPAN SOCIETY OF MEDICAL HISTORY, Vol. 43, No. 2, June 1997, pp. 241-248.   [in Japanese]

(030)  WALKS IN CYBERSPACE (1) -- Search Engines. BRUNNEN, No. 383, Ikubundô, Tôkyô 1997.  [in Japanese]

(029)  SEI -- KAN -- GYÔ . In: JAPANINFO, 8. Dec 1996.

(028)  Book review: F. Takahashi trsl. C.p. Thunberg: Travels to Edo JOURNAL OF THE JAPAN SOCIETY OF MEDICAL HISTORY, Vol. 43, No. 1, 1997, pp. 129-130.  [in Japanese] Expanded Internet-version

(027)  "Betriebsführung im japanischen Stil" war wohl eher eine Schönwetterveranstaltung. In: FRANKFURTER RUNDSCHAU, No. 210, 9. Sept.1996, p. 19. [Letter to a German newspaper on the harsh reality in medium and small size companiese, predicting the downfall of the "life-long employment system"]

(026)  Welcome to the Global Village. Kyushu University, GENBUN FORUM No. 15, Sept.1996, p. 3.   [in Japanese]

(025)  Nearness and Farness in Cyberspace. In: RADIX, No. 9, 1996, pp. 16-17.  [in Japanese]

(024)  Kloß im Hals. JAPANINFO, No. 11, 1995. [On the Okinawa Problem and its Handling by the Government]

(023)  Kaum Grund zum Aufatmen! . In: JAPANINFO, No. 7, 1995. [Comments on the "Sarin-Case"]

(022)  Wo gehobelt wird ... JAPANINFO, No. 6, 1995. [Some Comments on the "Sarin" case]

(021)  Im Zweifelsfall. JAPANINFO, No. 5, 1995. [Comments on the "Sarin-Case"]

(020)  Hilflosigkeit der Behörden. JAPANINFO, No. 4, 20. March1995. [Comments on the "Sarin-Case"]

(019)  M. Vos [tr.]: Unpublished Dejima Papers from the End of the Tokugawa-Era -- The Donker Curtius-Memoranda. JOURNAL OF THE JAPAN SOCIETY OF MEDICAL HISTORY, Vol. 40, No. 3 , 1994, pp. 387-388. [Book review; in Japanese]

(018)  German Libraries after the Unification KYUSHU UNIVERSITY LIBRARY NEWS, Vol.28, No. 4, 1993.  [in Japanese]

(017)  Einigung um fünf vor zwölf. JAPANINFO, No. 2, p. 1-2. [On the reform of the Japanese electoral system]

(016)  Ungeliebter Nachbar . JAPANINFO, No. 16, 1993, p. 8. [On Jelzin and the Russian-Japanese Relations]

(015)  Service Station und Marktöffnungswein. JAPANINFO, No. 6, 1993, p. 6. [Prime Minister Miyazawa and the G7-Meeting]

(014)  Takeo Nagayo: History of Japanese Medicine in the Edo Era -- Its Social and Cultural Backgrounds. JOURNAL OF THE JAPAN SOCIETY OF MEDICAL HISTORY, Vol. 39, No. 3, 1993, pp. 397-399. [Book review; in Japanese]

(013)  Japan's Image in Europe. KYUSHU UNIVERSITY PUBLIC LECTURES, No. 23, 1991, pp. 27-55.  [in Japanese]
    ||(German translation)  ||

(012)  Germany after the Reunification. BRANCH, No 145, Dec 1990, pp. 2-5.  [in Japanese]
    ||  pdf ||

(011)  On the Problem of Foreign Refugees in Germany and Japan. In: NISHINIHON SHINBUN [WESTJAPAN DAILY], 9. Oct1989, p. 7.  [in Japanese]

(010)  “Der Japponer scharffe Justitie”. Jahresberichte 11, pp. 47-51, Fukuoka 1987. [A 17th century comment on the Japanese justice system]

(009)  Eine frühe Textausgabe des Japanberichts von Jürgen Andersen. Jahresberichte 9, pp. 13-19, Fukuoka 1985. [An Unknown 17th Century Print of Anderson's Description of Japan]

(008)  Sehen, hören, sprechen -- Nach der ersten Studienreise “Deutsche Sprache und Kultur”. In: REPORTS, No. 1, Fukuoka 12.5.1984.

(007)  Curt Adolf Netto -- Ein Deutscher im Japan der Meijizeit . Jahresberichte 8, pp. 13-21, Fukuoka 1984. [On C. A. Netto, a German Mining Specialist in Meji-Japan]
    || pdf (Kyushu University Institutional Repository)  ||

(006)  Zur "Wahrheit über Japan". BRUNNEN, No. 249, Jan. 1983, p. 8-9.

(005)  On Internationalization. KYUSHU UNIVERSITY NEWS, Fukuoka, 1981.  [in Japanese]

(004)  Deutscher Monat Fukuoka (Programmheft)
Fukuoka, October 1977.  [in Japanese]

(003)  Berthold Brecht: Antigone. Japanese Translation by Tanigawa Michiko, Wolfgang Michel. Modern Theater Fukuoka, Fukuoka,1977.   [in Japanese]
    || pdf (Kyushu University Institutional Repository)  ||

(002)  For a New Silkroad. KYÛDAI KYÔYÔBUHÔ, 5. Febr 1976.   [in Japanese]

(001)  Mit den überlieferten Vorstellungen radikal brechen: Dokumente über die Fortführung der Revolution im Erziehungswesen in China. Übersetzt, herausgegeben und mit weiteren Dokumenten versehen von Marie Luise Beppler, Johnny Erling, Helmut Forster, Wolfgang Michel. Verlag Jürgen Sendler, Heidelberg 1974. (1. Auflage 1974; 2. Auflage, 1.-3.Tsd., 159 pp.; ISBN 3880480109, 9783880480100).


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